Farm Fresh Eggs vs Store Bought Eggs

We love our chickens!

There is something so satisfying about walking to my backyard every morning for fresh eggs. Yes those are our chickens’ eggs!!  They look like Easter eggs don’t they?  Our hens will be three years old June 1, 2018. We got them when they were just two days old-so cute!

My 9-year old daughter is in love with them. She is also an egg snob now like me and my husband.  Once you taste farm fresh eggs, it’s so hard to eat store bought ones. You not only notice the richer and robust flavor, but you can see a difference in their appearance. Store bought eggs will have a pale yellow yolk, with watery whites. Whereas, farm fresh free-range eggs will have a plumper, rich, golden colored yolk, and a thick white that holds its shape. So, does this mean farm fresh eggs are healthier? You bet they are!

Eggs from chickens raised in small backyard flocks or on family farms are by far stronger, healthier and so much better for us than those produced by their overcrowded factory cage-raised counterparts. Backyard chicken eggs have more of the good stuff such as Omega-3s and much less of the bad stuff such as the infamous cholesterol and saturated fat!  A hen’s egg is a direct reflection of her environment and nutritional intake.  Chickens that get the majority of their nutrition from nature are healthier. They love to bask in the warmth of the sun, which provides more Vitamin D, and chow down on worms and bugs for more protein, amongst other snacks.

Research shows that backyard chicken eggs contain a higher quality of nutrition in comparison to eggs laid by commercial factory hens.

Check out these startling statistics:

  • Twice as much Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Three times more Vitamin E
  • Seven times more Beta-carotene from Vitamin A
  • Fifty percent more Folic Acid
  • One quarter LESS Saturated Fat
  • One third LESS Cholesterol
  • Up to six times more Vitamin D
  • Significantly more of the B Vitamins
  • Significantly more of the Antioxidants, Lutein and Zeaxanthin

If you want to know more about my experience raising backyard chickens, stay tuned or message me.  There is a lot to learn!

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