Where Do You Go To Rejuvenate?

I can’t tell you how much I miss riding horses in the Santa Monica Canyons every weekend.   I was lucky enough to help take care of two horses with some friends of mine on a beautiful ranch in Pacific Palisades for about five years. It was literally my slice of heaven and it helped to create balance in my life. Even the smell of horses is medicinal to me. Horse lovers you know what I mean!

I allowed myself 4-5 hours on Saturday or Sunday afternoons to unwind with nature, take care of and ride horses, soak in the amazing views, and get a little dirty. It is the ultimate stress reliever. I also looked forward to hanging out with my “horse” friends.   Believe it or not, we would not even look at our phones! Shocker I know! We didn’t have a choice because there was never good cell service in the canyons. I was actually thankful that I had an excuse to not look at email, texts, or take a phone call.

My priorities have changed since my single days in L.A., as I am now married and a mom, and I live in Charlotte, NC. However, I do need my own “fun” space to remain emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.   It is more challenging now to create this much needed time for myself. I try to walk my two dogs 4-5 days a week, as well as a little strength training and yoga at home. I will occasionally make it to the gym, but I’ve been doing that since I was 15 years old, and I am burned out. I enjoy variety for exercise and being outdoors is the best for me-Hiking, walking, biking, riding horses, surfing, etc.

I love walking my dogs, but there is something special about being around horses. It’s now a goal of mine to share this with my daughter and to own a few horses one day. My daughter absolutely LOVES horses. I look forward to making that dream come true!



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