Are you thinking about remodeling?

If you are curious which remodeling projects you should or should not start, check out this graph.  You will see which improvements give you the greatest return on your investment.  Notice the 91.3% ROI on replacing your entry door with new steel doors!  I would say that’s worth it!

I added these double doors to my house about four years ago and wow what a difference it made from the outside and inside of my home!  My house looks more expensive from the outside and brighter in the inside.  Message me and I will share my favorite door company with you.

Make sure you are doing the right projects for the right reasons.  Are you updating to sell your house or remodeling for a long term investment?  I had clients that thought they needed to remodel their entire kitchen and bathrooms before putting their house on the market.  I advised them not too, we priced their house right, and they got a full price offer in 3 days!  I can tell you what the market dictates by neighborhood and help you determine the amount of updating necessary to sell your property.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Taras Tidbits 01.26

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